Chatham House is the most frequent publisher of case studies on Belarus, aiming to hold a new wave its survey every two to three months. Other organizations publish their polls less often or they remain poorly noticed in the public space. We would like to change this. These researchers are also putting themselves danger while trying to find out what Belarusians think.
National poll
is an independent platform for sociological research in Belarus that conducts polls among opposition supporters to monitor the mood in society.
Belarus after the elections
Regular polls of opposition supporters about new elections, civic engagement, and developments
Research on the COVID-19 epidemic in Belarus
Research assessing the scale of the epidemic in Belarus, the effectiveness of the use of personal protective equipment, the attitude of the population to the epidemic at different times, in the country as a whole and in the regions.
A side effect of protests in Belarus: good neighborliness and volunteering
An online survey that focused on the impact of protests on human relationships, such as unpaid volunteering and relations between neighbours.
Protests in Belarus and interest in the Belarusian language
An online poll focused on the topic of the attitude of the protest-supporting audience to the Belarusian language.

the Center for European Transformation
Center for Eastern European and International Studies (ZOIS, Berlin)
Societal Fragmentation in Belarus
Belarus at a crossroads: attitudes to social and political change
How United Is Belarus Against the Regime
Belarus: From the old social contract to a new social identity
Belarus’s presidential election: an appetite for change

A study of the values and national identity of Belarusians
Research by the "Hodna" and "Budzma Belarusami" public campaigns
Belarusians on Poland, Russia and themselves
The results of a telephone survey conveyed between 26 November and 16 December 2020, the aim of which was to examine Belarusian opinions about selected countries, including Poland and Russia and their peoples, as well as selected politicians. Analysis of a public opinion poll commissioned by the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW).